Phandalin is a town in the northern Menowood between the Kingdom of Sunndi and the Principality of Naerie. Formerly a wild outpost village, the re-opening of the lost mines near the village have turned it into a thriving town which continues to grow under the guidance of the Lords Alliance and the help of our heroes. It serves as the primary location of our campaign and the base of operations of the heroes.

There is currently a minor dispute over whether Sunndi or Naerie hold dominion over Pandalin; nominally it resides within the borders of the Principality, but the current Lords Alliance administrator, Sildar Hallwinter, has decreed it the Free Town of Phandelin, and open to all visitors.

The major locations in the town of Phandalin are detailed in the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure scenario, pages 14-19.

Here is a regional map of the area in which Phandalin is located on Oerth:

General information about the Principality of Naerie:


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