Machinations of the Slave Lords!

Shadows of Thundertree, Episode 4

The Manse of the Dead

The next morning, the heroes return, refreshed, skirting around the town to the Necromancer’s cottage, hoping that they are ready for what awaits them. As is their normal tactic, Faervel approaches the cottage in stealth to get a feel for the situation. The Necromancer is still in his study, the skeletal serpent still in the other room. However, Faervel is shocked to discover a gigantic, grotesque, rotting mass of flesh, tentacles and eyes floating towards him, along with several other shambling monstrosities:


He retreats back to the group to report on his findings. They regroup and begin their assault, taking on the rotting eye-beast and the skeletons accompanying it, while taking shots at the necromancer through the window in a surprise attack. He returns fire, seriously wounding members of the party in retort, and the battle is joined.

The fight is fierce and draining to the party, but just as they appear to be approaching victory, a new horror joins the fray: the banshee Agatha, flying in to defend her lover:


In the end, the banshee appears to be destroyed along with Harmun’s undead minions, but Harmun himself, anguished at the loss of Agatha, affects an escape using an identical means as the dread blackguard: twisting something on his finger and vanishing from sight.

Once more the group retreats to rest before making further excursions into the town and completing their mission of clearing out the ruin…


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