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  • Trensadar Manor

    h2. Trensadar Manor The former hideout of the Redbrand Roughians, this manor served a few hundred years ago as the homestead of the local lord. It fell into ruins after the original fall of the Spell Forge and the loss of the Mines of Phandelver. Since …

  • Mirna Dendrar

    The widow of woodcutter Thel Dendrar, Mirna and her two children, the 14-year-old Nars and 19-year-old Nilsa were saved by our heroes when they cleared the Redbrand Roughians out of Trensadar Manor. Punty has since invited the family to stay on to run the …

  • Nilsa Dendrar

    Since her father's death, Nilsa has run a bit wild despite her mother's best interests to reign her in. She has become close friends with Elsa St. John and the two have gotten into mischief more than once. She is portrayed by actress Dina Meyer