Toblen Stonehill

Innkeep, Stonehill Inn


A short, somewhat rotund human who always has a smile and a kind word for his patrons. He’s thrilled with the explosion of business his establishment has seen since the re-opening of the mines, and it shows in his commitment to providing the best food, ale and mead in Phandalin. He is portrayed in game by actor David Weatherley.


Toblen Stonehill came to Phandalin with the intention of becoming a prospector in the local rivers, but quickly deduced that he wasn’t very good. A single lucky find was enough to fund the purchase of a rickety old building which he rebuilt with his own hands and sweat into the Stonehill Inn. He learned that he had an aptitude for being an innkeep and has never looked back. He took the young girl Elsa St. John in when her parents died, and while he’s not exactly been a father to her, he makes sure she’s got gainful employment, a bed to sleep in, and food on her plate. Those who know him can see that he does care for the girl in his own way.

Toblen Stonehill

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