Mirna Dendrar

Inkeep, Trensadar Manor


Beautiful woman, approaching middle age with dark auburn hair. Her eyes carry a deep sadness with her due to the too-recent and brutal loss of her husband and the savaging she herself experienced at the hands of the Redbrand Roughians. She is kind, loyal and maternal by nature, and prone to fuss over her charges, whether they’re patronizing the inn or whether they happen to be our heroes, home between adventures. Her biggest flaw, perhaps, is that she has now become severely overprotective of her children.

In game she is portrayed by actress Lena Olin.


The widow of woodcutter Thel Dendrar, Mirna and her two children, the 14-year-old Nars and 19-year-old Nilsa were saved by our heroes when they cleared the Redbrand Roughians out of Trensadar Manor. Punty has since invited the family to stay on to run the manor as an inn and way station, an offer that Mirna was more than happy to accept, both in gratitude for their rescue, and needing a means to support her family upon the death of her husband, the local woodcutter Thel.

Mirna Dendrar

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