Harbin Wester

Mayor of Phandalin


Heavyset, complacent and somewhat lackadaisical, with an “I don’t need this,” attitude, but he does care about Phandalin and those who live in the town.


Harbin won an election to serve as the Townmaster of Phandalin for one year. That was well over a year ago, and since the Lords’ Alliance took control of the town, the position has now been re-structured into an appointed mayoral office as the actual administrative duties of the town are overseen by a representative of the Lords Alliance, currently held by Sildar Hallwinter. Harbin draws a salary and serves as the public face of the town, resolving minor disputes and handling minor day-to-day operations and administrative duties. He is, in most respects, a figurehead, and he’s perfectly happy with that. In game he is portrayed by Mark Addy.

Harbin Wester

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