Gundren Rockseeker

Owner/Operator, Mine of Phandelver


A gruff dwarf in his middle years who has made a living as a miner and craftsmen. Like all dwarves he has some skill in battle, particularly with a hammer, but he considers himself a worker and craftsman before a fighter. For a dwarf, he is friendly and jovial, though since the death of his brother Tharden at the hands of the Spider and his bugbear allies six months prior, he has become more melancholy than before, with a tendency towards angry outbursts followed by a quick apology.


The player characters met Gundren when he hired them to transport supplies to the town of Phandelin for an unknown quest, which they soon learned was to rediscover and re-establish the lost Mines of Phandelver, a task which was recently accomplished. The ancient Spellforge within the mine remains a secret known only to the player characters, the Rockseeker brothers, and Sildar Hallwinter. It has yet to be restored to functionality, lacking the requisite gnomish talent and wizardly arts to bring it back—the Rockseekers are understandably being very cautious in who they trust with this secret and are content to wait until the right and trustworthy artisans can be found to restore the Spellforge.

Gundren and his surviving brother Nundro serve as the administrators, overseers and nominal owners of the mines, and have begun bringing other dwarves from the Rockseeker clan in to restore mining activities—it has recently begun to produce iron, silver, gold, and even, deeper within the mines, mithril, and combined with the dwarves’ generosity has been key to the success and surge in population of the town of Phandelin.

In the image below, Gundren is pictured on the left, with his two brothers Tharden (center, deceased) and Nundro (right).

Gundren Rockseeker

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