Elsa St. John



Beautiful, blonde, talkative and feisty. Enjoys nothing more than having a good time. In game she is portrayed by actress Katheryn Winnick.


Elsa has been in the employ of Toblen Stonehill since she was ten years old and her father passed away of a wasting disease. Stonehill took her in and though not quite an adoptive father, has always seen to it that she had a better future than that of a street urchin. Unfortunately, without discipline, Elsa went a bit wild. She’s not well thought of in the town, at least in terms of reputation as a proper lady, but she’s never let that stop her having a good time. Still, for all her mischief and wanton nature, she’s got a good heart and a clean soul. She just has no problems flaunting the social conventions of the age.

For the past eight months or so, she’s been involved in a casual, on-again, off-again relationship with Punty, the Halfling paladin, each acting as a pleasant diversion for the other when needed.

Elsa St. John

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