Machinations of the Slave Lords!

Shadows of Thundertree, Episode 5

Enter the Scorpikis

The heroes journey back across the river to escape the sight of the green dragon, whose miasma still surrounds the region. During the night, they are attacked by a band of orcs and dirdraug, who they manage to defeat even being woken and unarmored.

The next day they mount up again and head once more back to town, continuing their excursion to the South. This time they find themselves facing all-new horrors. After battling a few ghasts and several giant scorpions inhabiting the ruins, they are beset by terrors that appear as a new twist on the driders that Gurtak has encountered in the underdark, though instead of being drow combined with spiders, these appear to be drow combined with scorpions!


These creatures prove to be quite formidable, but the heroes once more manage to defeat them, making their way to a cottage that is largely intact and well-maintained. Within they find the body of an old hermit, dead for only a few weeks, and deduce that this was his house and that he was killed by the invaders. Deciding this is a safe place to take a brief respite, they settle in for a short rest before continuing further.


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