Machinations of the Slave Lords!

Danger at Darkshelf Quarry, Episodes 6-7

The Warlock's Last Gambit

The group, determined to root out their enemies, employs outstanding strategy to tear their way through Level 1 of the mines. They discover a group of miners who have no idea that evil is going on and who, upon being presented evidence of the slaver machinations, promptly walk off the job and join the slaves and Kwon below; these are sent under Kwon’s guardianship to sneak out through the lower level and make their way back to town.

No, seriously, it was a total slaughter. Punty gave the bad guys every chance to surrender, but facing death at the hands of a halfling paladin, or death by hanging, they chose to the last, death by halfling paladin.

After clearing out the top level, the group discovers the “main entrance” to the caves—a massive, open quarry pit at the far end of which stands the keep in which their enemies presumably reside. Sick to the point of recklessness of the sneaking around and subtlety, Punty and Zym begin to openly stride across the quarry pit, while rest of the party slinks around the edges.

Halfway across the floor, Punty and Zym begin to take heavy arrow fire from the sentries atop the castle. The rest of the group makes it to the bottom door, which is locked, and Faervel works feverishly to pick the lock to allow them entry.

Realizing that Punty and Zym may not make it across to the castle under the current circumstances, Gah-Ri uses “Misty Step” to transport himself to the top of the parapets, directly in the midst of the archers. He manages to dispatch the archers, buying Punty and Zym the time they need to get to the castle, but then finds himself alone on top of the castle, and facing another group of guards, plus the half-orc, half-dwarf Brubgrok and his lieutenant Glythriel, who finally appear on the scene.

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The fight is wildly one-sided, and Gah-Ri meets a heroic end as the group enters the basement of the keep, just in time to see the guards hurl Gah-Ri’s body from the parapets. Enraged, the group quickly dispatches the two guards in the basement and makes their way straight to the roof, ignoring the rest of the encampment, where Punty strides into the main courtyard and calls out Brubgrok.

The fight is epic, the group facing two dozen human and goblin guards, five bugbear lieutenants, Glythriel and Brubgrock themselves. Twice, Punty and Zym fall under the blades of their adversaries, only to be brought back to their feet by Sten Karn, and the group tears through the mass of foes until, in the end, it is Faervel who puts an end to Glythriel with a sword through her back, as Zym and Punty together fell the leader of the slavers in this castle. The group is unsurprised when they discover Glythriel wearing a magical ring, which when removed, reveals her as a drow. Faervel takes the ring, which he discovers has the power to alter the appearance of anyone who wears it into what they would look like were they a high elf.

Wounded, tired and victorious, the crew clears out the rest of the castle, most of whose inhabitants run for the hills when they realize their leader has been dispatched, and return to Darkshelf, where they are hailed as heroes and allowed to rest up for several days before they return to Phandalin, where their next adventure awaits…


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