Machinations of the Slave Lords!

Danger at Darkshelf Quarry, Episode 5

Plan, What Plan?

Again we find our heroes searching through the the remainder or the second level of this cavern, er, quarry. Much discussion is had as to what to do with the slaves found being guarded by the Bugbears in the prior episode. Eventually the decision is made to explore the remainder of this level and decide their fate later. Faervel Galadthor and Gah Ri aka Gary scout ahead and find a small group of goblins working away, actually mining near the ramp to the next level up. Much discussion about the pros and cons of attacking them are discussed to the point that Gurtak simply marches over and starts the battle. That occurs quietly off screen to no great effect. Other than dead goblins.

From there the group decides to explore the last sets of passages visible to them on this level. Again, Gah Ri aka Gary and Faervel Galadthor scout ahead and find a large temple room with an obelisk inscribed with the symbol of a single eye. This marks these as the priests opposed to the priest of Lolth whom the group had encountered before.

After regrouping, the heroes discuss options. The group moves in and in a series of events that are not well known or understood to at least one dwarf (Gurtak), the murder hobos go for the kill (Looking at you Faervel Galadthor). As it turns out there are two priest, a number of the electrocuting eel/fish from earlier, and eventually a whole pack of Goblins. In a stunning turn of events, no one gets particularly beaten up. Sten Karn has a bit of bad luck with hitting things as does Gah Ri aka Gary. Otherwise, everyone performs admirably and the slaughter is total, well almost.

Belatedly a lone Goblin makes the incredibly foolish mistake of showing up late to the fight. When given a moment to surrender the poor over matched creature does in a heartbeat. After questioning it becomes obvious that the Goblin doesn’t know much, but he does confirm much of what the party already knows. There are no dwarves running this mine and in fact the whole operation if run by a Hobgoblin and two sets of fighting priests. When given the opportunity to flee, the offer isn’t even spoken before the Goblin disappears.

More loot is found and the last of the obvious nooks an crannies explored on this level. Next time….. The First Floor!!!!


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