Machinations of the Slave Lords!

Danger at Darkshelf Quarry, Episode 3

The search for more rest

After some recuperating from the fight with the ghouls, the party decided to find a place to rest and take stock before continuing to explore the mines. Someone, likely Sten, mentioned that there were actual closed doors closer to where the group entered the caves. Taking a longer route back, the ghouls that had been turned previously were discovered and dispatched (with horrible icky slurping noises and preternatural darkness).

We then had to tackle the inscrutable and unknowable puzzle….. of doorlocks. (OOC I actually missed the resolution of this, but it involved using the iron key found on the dead priest and figuring out which keyhole was the right one).

Inside the room was a pool of water, and a watery tentacle that was almost impossible to see prior to it reaching out and grabbing “Punty”? or maybe Faervel Galadthor. Either a combat of waiting for the monster to strike so it was visible ensued. Once it attacked Gurtak did his Ginsu routine and took down the monster.

Then we rested. Sweet, sweet, restorative, spell memorizing sleep. Also the entrance to the level above was located off this room, requiring some precautions to protect the resting group.

We then decided to explore the rest of this level prior to moving up to the higher one. We then encountered troglodytes, which are remarkably more difficult to fight than advertised. We managed to put down the group without any serious damage to the group.

We then continued on to finish the exploration and encountered a group of zombies in another midden area. Sten Karn managed to turn a fair number of the zombies, turning them to dust. The rest were quickly killed, more permanently, by the group.

A magical item was found in the midden, etched with the symbol of a darker religion – Tharzidun, the Elder Elemental Eye. After a quick casting of identify it was determined that the artifact attracted undead and controlled them slightly. After some debate, and “Punty”’s fairly strenuous argument to destroy the object, we very carefully and deliberately smashed it to little bits with a warhammer. Gah Ri aka Gary was not pleased.

We will continue in this backwards dungeon crawl next time…


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