Machinations of the Slave Lords!

Danger at Darkshelf Quarry, Episode 2

Faervel tries to commit suicide by ghoul

The party continues to investigate the suspicious mining operations.

The boom that killed the giant frogs at the end of last session had attracted attention of other dungeon denizens. We decided to press on rather than wait for them to come to us. We entered a large cavern with a small underground lake. Several kobolds and one of those lightning lizard things were there (The DM let slip they’re called Mud Tigers even though we all failed our knowledge rolls). Punty, Gary, and Gurtak charged into those foes. Sten was the only one who noticed the purple robed human hiding in the shadows and attacked that foe with his mighty clerical rays of goodness. Faervel used Sten’s magical rays like tracer rounds to find the robed assailant.

A few swings and spells later, (including one critical failure that hit Punty in the back eliciting a complaint of “Cheap shot Gary”, and all of the bad guys were dead.

Curiously, the human was dressed as a cleric of the drow goddess Lloth who apparently is known by Sten as only having female drow elves for clerics. Why did she accept this male human? What does the “33” mean on a bottle of Rolling Rock? How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll Center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know. The cleric also had two strange vials of non magical liquid that Sten thinks are likely some kind of medicine. Also, found out during a short rest later that the cleric’s leather armor was magical black dragon leather that is both +1 and gives resistance to Acid.

Faervel and Gary scouted stealthily in two different directions and reported back. Faervel found more kobolds in another cave arguing with each other and pointing to the cave with the PCs. Gary found a weird fish butchery (It’s can’t be a cannery without cans) with two pools of water.

Sten speaks Draconic, dressed in the dead cleric’s garb, and tricked the kobolds into an ambush where we made fast work of them. Ironically, Sten is the only one who failed to kill a kobold during the ambush.

OOC we have amusing sidebar while discussing on who should wear the pair of boots of springing and striding that we’d found previously. A cursed version of those boots, called the Boots of Tigger, where in the curse being you must choose jumping and bouncing as your movement. In short, we’re hilarious.

After a short rest, Gary attunes to the Black Dragon Leather armor & Gurtak attunes to the Boots of Springing, we headed towards the room with the two pools of water and fish cleaning stuff. We think the pools are occupied, and possibly a spawning pool for baby lightning lizards. We decide to avoid contacting the pools in any manner. Gary & Faervel attempted to stealth by the pools towards a passage to the south, and both fail spectacularly and end up knocking stuff over and nearly face planting. Gary responds by trying to hide again, and Faervel just ran off down the hallway. Sadly, he ran down the hallway into a pack of 6 ghouls. Faervel attempts to acrobatically flea only to critically fail another skill check, and falls flat on his face. The six ghouls proceed to gang up on him and the rest of us hear his gurgling screams. Punty gets there first, and using his paladinriffic smiting ability, dispatches a ghoul. Gurtak used his power surge to leap (literally using the magic boots) into the melee, grab & toss Faervel’s limp form out of the melee, and then killed a ghoul. Sten turned the undead, but only two of the remaining 4 fled the room. The ghouls manage to paralyze Punty. Gary bravely leapt in front of the now helpless paladin and Gary and Gurtak managed to finish off the two remaining ghouls.


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