Machinations of the Slave Lords!

Background and First Steps...

The Lost Mine of Phandelver

The first steps for this group were to complete the Lost Mine of Phandelver mini-campaign in the D&D Starter Set for fifth edition. We unfortunately only began this site after that adventure was completed, but for those who are curious, check out the Starter Set, which is well worth the cost even if you’re a veteran D&D player.

As the adventure logs begin, it has been six months since the No-Longer-Lost-Mines re-opened under the care of the Rockseeker Clan of dwarves, and the Redbrand Roughians in association with the drow known as the Spider were driven from the area. The surrounding Menowood remains an untamed and dangerous place, but the town of Phandalin has turned from a small village outpost to a thriving trade town directly on the southern road to Naerie City, which is 200 miles to the northwest.

The Forge of Spells, so far as anyone is aware, has not been re-activated as the mystical knowledge required to use it is lost to the mists of history, but the dwarves have hope and have sent emissaries to seek out goodly magi they feel they can trust for counsel and advice.

Our heroes are celebrities in town, have been awarded the title of Town Protectors, and are colloquially and collectively known as the Heroes of Phandalin.

Of note to this campaign, the following things happened in the adventure:

  1. The heroes did not explore the ruins of Thundertree.
  2. The heroes did parlay with Harmun Kost and Agatha, and left both alive (or existing, in Agatha’s case).
  3. Punty became a member of the Lord’s Alliance
  4. Faervel made certain acquaintances in the local underworld.
  5. The group was awarded Transadar Manor as a base of operations. They set up the place as a boarding house, and allowed Mirna Dendar and her children to move in, offering free room and board in exchange for the family of the deceased woodcutter acting as caretakers and administrators of the business. The heroes have cleaned up the dungeons beneath the manor, which act as their personal quarters and base.
  6. In return for ongoing services rendered to the town, Sildar Hallwinter (now the mayor and administrator) has agreed that the town will foot the bill for property upkeep and security. Business expenses and supplies still fall upon the shoulders of the PCs to manage.


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